About Me


I moved to Thornton 15 years ago. I'm originally from East Tennessee, but my wife is a Colorado native, and it didn't take much for her to convince me that this was the right place to start a family. I now have a son, 10, and a daughter, 5, and teaching our children how to be the best human beings they can be is one of my top priorities.


I currently work as a solutions architect for a database software company. I started programming computers at age 10, and started my own business at age 15. Because my dad lost his job right around the time I was graduating high school, I wound up using the revenues from that business, alongside a part time job, to pay for college. Since then, I've served in roles that include leading and managing teams of software developers, and more recently, supporting enterprise sales teams.

Why I'm Running

A few years ago, I bonded with some parents and teachers who’d seen children being mistreated, and got involved in and joined the board for the Bullying Recovery Resource Center.  I decided that I needed to contribute to our community in a more meaningful way.  During all of this, I met with local officials, including members of our city council, and they ultimately inspired me to run for office.

My Values


My career has taught me the value of diversity, and the importance of encouraging others to share their perspective when tackling a challenge or problem.  I believe in finding common ground and will work with anyone who wants what is best for Thornton.


I will attend meetings, respond to phone calls and emails, and listen to your concerns.  I will not give up on important issues or refuse to engage, in a civil way, with those who have different views than me.


I believe transparency in government is a key issue in our democracy.  If I am influenced to change my position on an issue, I will explain not only why, but who influenced me. 

Key Issues for Thornton

Affordable Housing


Thornton should be a place where everyone can live, work, and play without having to go far.  I will work to ensure housing is balanced to meet the needs of the community, and will support efforts to revitalize every part of our city.

Small and Local Business


A great community is one where goods and services are always close by, and you are doing business with your neighbors.  I will support initiatives that promote small business opportunities in our community.

Health and Safety


We need to ensure that any industrial use of our city is reasonably separate from our homes, and that as a city, we get our fair share.  We also need to ensure that our first responders are well equipped and ready for when we need them.

Since February, Ward 4's incumbent attended only 7 out of 21 council planning and update sessions, until being challenged for re-election in July.   I'm committed to showing up to these meetings, hearing every side of an issue, and being transparent and responsive about the decisions I make as your elected official. 



In recent years, commercial interests have spent a record-breaking amount of money to influence the outcome of our elections in Thornton and Ward 4.  Please consider supporting our campaign with a donation -- our goal is to break a new record with the number of individuals contributing to local campaign!  Any amount helps! 

Get Involved!

Let me know what you care about!

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